The Platform Committee voted to adopt a streamlined Party Platform.

On Monday, July 8th, 2024, the Republican Party Platform Committee voted to adopt a streamlined national party platform that cut much of the pro-life language that has historically been included, some of it for nearly fifty years since 1976. The process was unprecedented; instead of being allowed to deliberate for two days, the 112 elected Platform Committee members, two from every state and territory, were sequestered without their cell phones. They were not given time to review the draft platform, allowed to form subcommittees, or given the opportunity to offer and openly debate amendments with media present; instead, this year’s private meeting proceeded to a short period of speeches followed by a final vote on the platform. The RNC draft was adopted 84-18. You can read it here (PDF).


A Minority Report was filed:

The undersigned, a minority of the committee, elected to the 2024 National Republican Platform
Committee, not agreeing in totality with the majority, desire to express our views as follows:

Not having an opportunity to entertain amendments to the “draft” platform document, we submit
the following expression for the continued protection of the unborn through support of a human life

Less than one week ago, our nation celebrated the 248th anniversary of the Declaration of
Independence. That founding document proved a watershed moment in world history. It planted
and reinforced in the minds of men and women everywhere the conviction that each of us is
endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them the “right to life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness.”

The Declaration is the heritage of all Americans, always true but likewise always straining to be
realized, for the slave as well as for the free, for women as well as for men, for the poor as well as
the rich. For Republicans, from the very inception of our party, the words of the Declaration took
form in two overarching moral propositions, that is, the rejection and elimination of what our very
first platform in 1856 called “the twin relics of barbarism,” slavery and polygamy. We note with
sober reflection how vast a cost the people of the United States paid for the achievement of that
platform’s commitments, and how long a period passed before those goals could be achieved.

Today we observe the vitality of a more recent but analogous set of commitments, embodied most
prominently in the promise of the Republican Party to preserve the right to life of every human being
from conception to natural death. That commitment made its way into the platform of 1976, twelve
decades after that original session in Philadelphia. That commitment to a human life amendment
and a call for the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection application to children before birth has been
repeated in every platform since and, by this declaration of principle, we extend it now.

In no season, under no rationale spurred by the exigencies of a political moment, can or should we
abandon the high principles that have created and sustained this party, with God’s grace, into a
third century.

In the coming years, we pledge ourselves to continue to work for the good of every child, every
parent, and every family. We rededicate ourselves to the core policy positions endorsed through
deliberation and transparency with ever-increasing clarity in previous platforms, with respect to the
funding of abortion domestically and internationally, the expansion of alternatives to abortion,
support for credits for adoption and all children, ending the exploitation of embryonic human
beings, and above all recognizing the application of 14th amendment protections to our developing
offspring. These are issues for the ages and not for any single cycle in our national life.

With heaviness of heart but fullness of optimism that the defense of life will inevitably prevail, we
resubmit these ideals to our fellow Americans. As before, we do fondly hope and fervently pray that
the scourge of abortion will speedily pass away, and to that end we renew our perpetual devotion
and ceaseless labor to the cause of life.